The Mobile Operated Doppler Lidar System (MODLS)

The Mobile Doppler Lidar and Soundings (MoDLS) facility was designed to rapidly measure fine-scale boundary layer characteristics such as turbulence, winds, and structure. MoDLS highlights a Halo Photonics scanning Doppler Wind Lidar (DWL) mounted to a Chevrolet 3500 flatbed pickup truck. A Radiometrics 35 channel Microwave Profiling Radiometer (MPR), Jenoptik CHM-15K ceilometer, and a telescoping mast for meteorological measurements mounted to the truck. The mast includes 3D sonic winds along with air temperature at 8 meters above ground level and in-situ meteorological measurements (temperature/RH, pressure, and horizontal wind) at 4 meters above ground level.

Undermounted hydraulic jacks are used to level the truck and maintain stability. A computer rack inside the back of the cab holds the control computers and monitors. Helium tank boxes are mounted to the bed of the truck to hold up to 4 large helium tanks when radiosonde soundings accompany the platform. Power is supplied to the instruments and computers via an undermounted Cummins 6kW diesel generator. The truck can accommodate up to three personnel during operations.

MoDLS deployed for a PERiLS deployment.

The MoDLS Instruments:

MoDLS taking observations during the PERiLS field campaign.

Inside MoDLS during operations.

Prepping balloon soundings out of MoDLS in support of PERiLS.

The MoDLS Truck Build