Metek 24 GHz Micro Rain Radar

Typically mounted to RaDAPS, the Metek Micro Rain Radar (MRR) provides high resolution vertical profiles of precipitation properties and Doppler spectra. The MRR is a vertically pointing K-band radar that retrieves radar reflectivity, rain rate, liquid water content, fall speed, Doppler spectra, and drop size distributions. In the K-band, bright band detection and some cloud detection is possible. The MRR offers adjustable vertical resolution with up to 30 gates sampled which allows for increasing the maximum height retrieved. With a range gate spacing of 200 m, the maximum height retrieved is up to 6 km. Temporal resolution is also adjustable from 30-3600 seconds. The MRR can easily be removed and added to the MIPS platform to provide drop size distribution information to compliment the XPR.

  • Frequency: 24.230 GHz
  • Antenna Size: 0.6 m
  • Peak Power: 50 mW
  • Beam Width: 1.5°
  • Gate Spacing: Adjustable
  • First Gate: Adjustable
  • Range: Depends on Gate Spacing; 30 gates are used
  • Temporal Resolution: Adjustable (30-3600 seconds)

MRR derived radar reflectivity.

Associated particle fall velocity from the figure above.

Associated drop size distribution from the stratiform rain depicted above showing a large number of small drops withing the first gate.