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ATS 652 -
Synoptic Meteorology
ATS 656 -
Tropical Meteorology & Moist Convective Systems
ATS 675 -
Atmpospheric Data

ATS 740 -
Cloud Processes


ATS 740 - Advanced Mesoscale Meteorology

This course will overview cloud processes, beyond the scales of cloud physics, up to and including mesoscale processes that maintain and develop clouds, and mesoscale circulations that result from cloud systems. Therefore, an overview of moist dynamics will be provided from both an analytic and modeling perspective. As dynamic and thermodynamic processes are reviewed, topics related to various cloud types and cloud systems will be provided. This class will also provide students in graduate level atmospheric science a background cloud-scale processes, as well as an understanding of the dynamic and thermodynamic aspects of clouds in concert with cloud-physics and mesoscale meteorology.

Course Syllabus:

1. Overview:
  a) Course Description
  b) Introduction: Clouds (types, formation, maintenance, etc.)
  c) Microphysics and the synoptic scale
  d) Cloud parameters

2. Governing Dynamic Equations:
  a) Dynamic equations for moist convection
  b) Introduction to stability
  c) Scale analysis
  d) Non-hydrostatic conditions

3. Moist Thermodynamics:
  a) Thermodynamic energy equation
  b) Conservative variables; phase changes

4. Cloud Resolving Modeling:
  a) Model construction
  b) Parametrizations: Microphysics (bulk)
  c) Averaging

5. Influence on Environment & Clouds
  a) Q1 and Q2
  b) Momentum flux

6. Convection & Parcel Stability:
  a) Slantwise
  b) Vertical

7. Moist Convective Systems; Dynamics of Clouds:
  a) Rainbands; isentropic flow
  b) Thunderstorms; deep, moist convection
  c) Mesoscale convective systems
  d) Tropical storms

8. Observations of Clouds:
  a) Satellite data analysis
  b) Radar
  c) In situ; aircraft
  d) Ground-based instrumentation
  e) Assimilation of cloud observations

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