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This page presents information and products developed in support of the NASA Tropical Cloud Systems and Processes (TCSP) project. Field experiment activities are to occur during summer 2005 in the East Pacific.

The products shown are based on the hypothesis that weak upper-tropospheric inertial stability is important for helping determine the intensity of convective systems. Convection should grow most readily into regions of lowest inertial (or symmetric) stability (e.g., Emanuel 1979).

For the TCSP project, coupled satellite-model derived products are available in real-time. These products combine geostationary satellite data and derived cloud motion and water vapor wind vectors, upper tropospheric potential vorticity, and quantities that diagnose the lateral outflow potential from the anvils of deep convection. Isentropic levels between 340 and 365 K are analyzed using products designed for the purpose of evaluating the correlations between cloud motion-derived winds, low inertial stability and intensity changes of tropical convection and tropical cyclones.

The products will be used to address new research ideas concerning upper tropospheric inertial stability, outflow from convection, and the degree that this enhances tropical storm genesis and intensification. They will also be combined with TCSP/CAMEX research datasets to achieve the same goal.

My TCSP Highlights & Research Results

- Realtime Convection & Tropical Storm Outflow and Momentum Transport Diagnostics

- Evaluating Cumulus Momentum Transport using TRMM PR

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