The Remote Sensing, Data Assimilation & Nowcasting (RND)
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Satellite Data Assimilation & Nowcasting Research
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Convective Initiation Project
Satellite data assimilation is carried out for the purpose of increasing the accuracy of: 1) convective initiation within an NWP model, and 2) developing new, appropriate methods for inserting cloud and satellite derived water vapor information into numerical models. Models used for this effort will include the UW-NMS and Penn State/NCAR MM5 (v. 3.6 and beyond). A transition to the WRF model will occur as the project develops. This project will first use methods of "diabatic" or so-called "hot start" initialization within a model's microphysical scheme. Follow-on methods will use the NCAR Local Area Prediction System (LAPS), and MM5's 4-dimensional variational (4DVAR), as the means of assimilation satellite information via statistical approaches.

Convective cloud data will be obtained as an outcome of another satellite-based CI project ongoing at CIMSS (UAH-CIMSS CI Project). One geographical area that this project will focus on will be over the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico region (see Daily Tropical MM5)for its frequency of convection year-round. Other areas of the Western Hemisphere that will be studied will eventually include the southern and southeastern US (again because of its relatively high-frequency of occurrence of convection and CI).

UAH ADAS, SPoRT, and Testbed Related Modeling

ADAS Southeast Surface 12km Analysis
ARPS Regional Modeling and Data Assimilation Testbed

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