The Alabama Climate Report

Brought to you by the Office of the Alabama

Volume 13, Number 6 - September 2021

Wetter than normal conditions appear to be the overall theme of 2021 in Alabama. September continued this theme with, statewide, 0.71 inches of rainfall above the 20th century average of 3.78 inches. Temperature-wise, September was 0.9°F below the long-term average of 74.7°F.

While the overall rainfall was above normal on average, there was considerable variability in wet and dry locations across the state. The north and southwest part of the state were generally wetter than normal. In fact, the Athens station and the Decatur 4 SE station recorded their wettest September on record at 9.82 inches and 9.14 inches of rainfall, respectively. While not a record, the station recording the most rainfall for the month was the Dauphin Island 4.8 E station at 14.4 inches of rainfall. In contrast, parts of central and southeast Alabama were generally drier than normal. The station that recorded the least amount of rainfall (with no missing data) was at Anniston Metropolitan airport with 1.65 inches of rainfall.

Unlike August, September experienced cooler than normal temperatures for much of Alabama, particularly from 22nd to 25th due to northwest flow ushering in cold air from Canada. A U.S. forest station in DeSoto State Park recorded the coldest value of the month at 40°F on the 24th. However, September is still capable of producing 90°F+ temperatures. This held true for 54 stations across the state that recorded 90°F or greater at least once this month. The warmest location (once again) was at the Andalusia-Opp Airport station with a temperature of 96°F on the 6th.

The end of the September signifies the end of the water year (October 1st to September 30th). This water year, Alabama was much wetter than normal but not as wet as the record-breaking 2020 year. Alabama had 66.09 inches of precipitation (10.82 inches above the long-term average), the 13th wettest on record. Alabama has been fortunate to not have a drier than normal water year since 2015.



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