The Alabama Climate Report

Brought to you by the Office of the Alabama

Volume 13, Number 9 - November 2021

One word to describe November 2021 in Alabama is dry. After spending much of 2021 wetter than normal, Alabama recorded its 5th driest November on record with only 1.08 inches of rainfall, which is 2.77 inches drier than normal.

As stated in previous Alabama climate reports, the statewide average sometimes does not tell the whole story. This was not the case for the month of November. The drier than normal conditions was widespread across the state. Out of the 184 stations in the state of Alabama with no missing data, 57 stations had 1 inch or less of rainfall and 148 stations had 2 inches or less of rainfall. The driest location of the month with no missing data was the Andalusia-Opp Airport station with only 0.2 inches of precipitation. From the larger metropolitan cities, Birmingham and Huntsville recorded their 2nd and 3rd driest November on record respectively.

Given the lack of rainfall, Alabama was also slightly cooler than normal at 1.2°F below the long-term average of 53.6 F. The main driver between these cooler than normal conditions was the anomalous cold temperatures at night (mainly due to the mostly cloud-free conditions at night) which was 2.1°F colder than normal statewide. In addition, 86 stations in Alabama recorded a temperature of 32°F or colder at least once during the month of November, with a station in Selma recording the coldest spot of month at 22°F on the 30th. On the other side of the spectrum, the Andalusia-Opp Airport station once again was on top of the hottest spot leaderboard at 84°F, surprisingly towards the end of the month on the 18th.

With the end of climatological fall (September, October, November), how did Alabama measure up to normal conditions? The average temperature for the fall was slightly warmer than normal by 0.5°F. The summer average daily high temperature was 0.7°F slightly cooler than normal. The summer average daily low temperature, on the other hand, was 1.8°F warmer than normal.

Looking ahead into winter, the Climate Prediction Center (CPC) forecasts Alabama as 40-60% chance of above normal for temperature and equal chances for above normal, near normal, and below normal for precipitation. In other words, Alabama will likely be warm this winter and it is a tossup for precipitation statewide.



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