The Great Storm of '63 - '64

"Frozen Tundra at the Sugar Bowl"

Dick McNider, a former Alabama state climatologist and the founding father of the atmospheric science program at UAH, remembers the Dec. 31, 1963 - Jan. 1, 1964, snow storm as the year frozen tundra came to the Sugar Bowl. read more...

January 1964 Weather Reports (pdf)

The Great New Year’s Eve/Day Snowstorm (pdf)

A Look Back at the New Year's 1963/1964 Snowstorm (NWS forecast office)

New Years Eve 1963 Snowstorm (abc weather blog)

Winter Fury (youtube video)

50 years ago: 19.2 inches of snow in Florence


Weather map, New Years Eve, 1963 (click to view larger)