I use a 'hands-on' approach in my courses. Over the last two deacades I have taught courses in Satellite Remote Sensing, Geographic Information Systems, and Physical Climatology. 

At UAH we teach pixel level Satellite Remote Sensing courses starting from calibration principles to image classification incolving numerous applications such fire, cloud, aerosol detection and vegetation mapping. In the advanced Remote Sensing course students perform geophysical retrievals using current satellite data and radiative transfer models to retrieve cloud and aerosol properties. Students use IDL to write code and analyze data.

I also teach a one credit course for M.S. amd Ph.D> level students called Professional Development that helps the student write proposals, create resumes and vitae, establish career development goals, and develop other work-place skills.

I also designed a First Year Experience Course for incoming freshmen and I teach one of the sections to help students succesfully transition from high school to the University.