Metek 24 GHz Micro Rain Radar

Measuring raindrop properties such as size distributions, drop formation, and fall speeds is important to meteorologists, specifically relating to precipitation physics. To measure these characteristics, high frequency, vertically pointing radars are needed.

Complimentary to the X-Band Profiling Radar, the Metek 24 GHz Micro Rain Radar (MRR-2) is a vertically pointing, single-pol, K-Band radar. This radar allows high resolution Doppler moments from the surface up to 6 km. The height resolution is adjustable but mainly operates to 2 km. With the MRR, critical radar data such as updraft/downdraft structure and vertical structure of clouds and storms can be collected.

  • Frequency: 24.230 GHz
  • Antenna Size: 0.6 m
  • Peak Power: 50 mW
  • Beam Width: 1.5°
  • Gate Spacing: Adjustable (Set to 35 m)
  • First Gate: 10 m
  • Range: Depends on Gate Spacing (currently 1.5 km)
  • Temporal Resolution: Adjustable (set to 30 seconds)

MRR derived radar reflectivity.

Associated particle fall velocity from the figure above.

Associated drop size distribution from the stratiform rain depicted above showing a large number of small drops withing the first gate.