about john: Research Interests

1. Satellite data assimilation for mesoscale and microphysical processes, of soil moisture, and for nowcasting. Forward model development of retrieval methods.
2. Numerical modeling of moist convection, parameterization development, and cumulus momentum transport.
3. Moist convective dynamics, tropical convection, factors influencing the initiation of deep moist convection. Remote sensing of convective weather systems. Theoretical studies of tropical weather systems.
4. Diagnosing micro- and mesoscale weather phenomena from remotely-sensed (hyperspectral) data sets for the purpose of nowcasting and evaluating hazardous weather for aviation interests.
5. Land surface energy and moisture fluxes. Developing remote sensing techniques for diagnosing such fluxes using satellite remote sensing.
6. Modeling interactions between the biosphere and atmosphere on time scales of the meso- and synoptic scale.

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