Contacts -

* Mr. Samuel Bell (JCDH), 205.930.1366
* Randy Dillard (JCDH), 205.930.1281
* Mr. Christopher Howard (ADEM), 334.271.7861
* Mr. John McHenry (MCNC), 919.248.9237
* UAH - Benjie Norris
            Noor Gillani

Credits -

* Local data
- collected and supplied by JCDH (Randy Dillard)
* Regional data
- Surface Ozone monitoring data collected by local air pollution agencies, (eg., JCDH) and supplied by EPA
- Visibility data collected by the National Weather Service (NOAA) and supplied to us by Washington University in St. Louis (Pending...)
* Satellite imagery data
supplied by NASA/NSSTC (National Space Science and Technology Center)
* Web construction and design by Jennifer Redstreake Geary
* Web technical information supplied by Benjie Norris and Noor Gillani



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