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1) Africa Flores graduated with her M.S. in Earth System Science.
2) AGU talk on aerosol above clouds was succesful since new techniques are beign developed based on A-train and geostationary data from SEVIRI
3) Sundar was chosen as Mace bearer for the University (image1) (image 2)
4) Aaron Naeger graduates with a PH.D.
5) Sundar was invited to speak at the VIIRS workshop in Maryland
6) Sundar was selected to be part of the NASA IDS team (UAH, PI : Dr. Nair, IDS PI : Reid).

Fall 2012

Two new students (Ian Chang and Shay Liu) have joined the team. Jenny Guo a visitng scholar from China will be spending a year with us as well. We also bid farewell to Dr. Eun-Su Yang with a proper send off party.

Fall 2011
- Eric Dobbs joins team as M.S. student

- Sundar Christopher's first book is scheduled to appear in December

- Steve Superczynski's first paper gets accepted

Spring 2011
- Kilimanjaro article press release - PDF file

- Sundar presents review paper in Seattle, AMS

- Sundar chairs Aerosol session in AMS

- Aaron Naeger's dust work hits press - Click here

- Narendra Rongali joins PorSCHE team as graduate research assistant