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Satellite Applications- ESS 690

Class Information

ESS 690: Critical Thinking Skills for Satellite Data Applications in Earth System Science

 Overview and course objectives: Satellite data is being used increasingly to make decisions regarding the earth-atmosphere system. However, it is important to use the proper data sets and ask important questions regarding how the data was collected, how the products were developed, their accuracy and other important details. This course will provide a framework for developing critical thinking skills when using satellite data. Students will learn how to probe relevant data sets in air, land, and water thematic areas; make presentations and write a comprehensive report based on satellite data analysis.

Topics to be covered
1. Survey of satellite data products available for earth-atmosphere research
2. Fundamentals of satellite remote sensing and applications of satellite data
3. How were these data products were produced?
4. Probing the Algorithm Theoretical basis Documents
5. Visualizing and analyzing satellite data
6. Accuracy of satellite data products
7. Who uses these products and how?
8. Training others on satellite data and applications
9. New product development and the future

Grading Criteria
Midterm exam: 25%
Assignments: 25%
Presentations: 25%
Project Report: 25%

Text Book : None. A list of references will be provided with assigned readings