Course Policy

These policies are in effect to ensure fairness and equity for all students. I want to make sure that all students are given the same amount of time for completing their work and therefore late assignments and projects are only deemed unfair to the others who have worked diligently to turn in their work on time.
Class attendance is mandatory and you must inform me of extenuating circumstances.
All assignments and projects are due at the beginning of the class on the date specified in the calendar. I do not accept late assignments. No exceptions! Late assignments and projects are given a grade of zero.
Being absent for a class does not mean you can turn in your assignments late. If you anticipate on not attending a class you must turn in your assignment prior to the class period.
Remember that assignments are due in class and excuses such as "I had printer problems, Email problems, etc." are not entertained and are considered poor excuses for improper time management. Please do not provide excuses such as "I forgot to turn in a figure. Can I email it you or drop it off in your mail box? Here is what a former student noted "Getting work done on time is very important in real life. I'm glad that you emphasized the issue like you did. Many people have poor time management skills, because in the past they have been able to get away with things like that in the past".
Assignments and Projects
All assignments must be typed unless complex equations are invovled.
Your completed assignments must be professional with good quality figures and a figure caption at the bottom of each figure with appropriate labels.
You cannot cut and paste words from websites. This is considered plagiarism. All assignments must be written in your own words?
All projects including figures should not exceed 10 pages. Single spaced and must follow American Geophysical Union guidelines for references.
Final projects must be Emailed before start of class and a hard copy is due at the beginning of the class period.
Lab and computer related issues
You must write your own code and copying codes from others is considered plagiarism.
Complaint Procedures:
If you have difficulties or complaints related to this course, your first action usually should be to discuss them with me. If such a discussion would be uncomfortable for you fail to resolve your difficulties, you should contact, Dr. Brent Wren, Associate provost (Shelbie King Hall, Room 365 T WRENB@UAH.EDU OR 256 824 6767.

Students with Disabilities:
I would like to hear from anyone who has a disability that may require some modification of seating, testing, or other class procedures.  Please see me after class or during my office hours to discuss appropriate modifications.

UAlert Emergency Notification System: 

UAHuntsville has implemented the UAlert emergency notification system.  UAlert allows you to receive time-sensitive emergency messages in the form of e-mail, voice mail, and text messages.
Everyone who has a UAHuntsville e-mail address will receive emergency alerts to their campus e-mail address.  In order to also receive text and voice message alerts, you are asked to provide up-to-date phone contact information.  Participation in UAlert text and voice messaging is optional, but enrollment is strongly encouraged.  You can’t be reached through UAlert unless you participate.  The information you supply is considered confidential and will not be shared or used for purposes other than emergency notification. 
To review your UAlert account, add or update phone and alternate e-mail addresses, and set the priority for your contact methods, please visit the UAlert web site: