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Satellite Applications- ESS 690

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Aerosol Remote Sensing from Satellite, Ground and Sub-orbital measurements

This is a special topics course designed specifically for advanced graduate level students interested in remote sensing of aerosols.

Topics include:
Aerosol microphysical and radiative properties
Aerosol retrievals from space - past and current sensors
Aerosol retrievals from ground based instruments (e.g. AERONET)
Aerosol retrievals from sub-orbital measurements
Particulate matter and satellite-based retrievals
Data fusion for aerosol studies
High Resolution aerosol property retrieval.
Aerosols and the Climate System

There are no exams for this course. This course is designed as an independent study with emphasis on current problems in aerosol remote sensing. Projects will be designed based on current topics. Projects require a presentation and a detailed report.

Written reports must adhere to Geophysical Research Letters initial submission format.

Submission of paper to a peer reviewed journal is a requirement for this course.

Grading policy
Projects : 50%
Final paper 50 %