Submit Abstract

Abstracts for the student poster competition should include the title of the design or research project and a brief summary of the focus of the project (250 words maximum) – the project should show some explicit connection to aerospace systems. The areas could include research in atmospheric science, earth observation, space life sciences, space health, aerospace systems engineering and design, astrophysics, optics, economics, business, policy, sustainability, history, international relations, education, STEM outreach initiatives, or related areas.

The number of abstracts selected will be limited. AAS will collect all submissions of abstracts and make final determinations regarding which abstracts will be selected for the competition. The student is required to work with his or her faculty/researcher staff advisor; the advisor should give guidance and advice, and is responsible for approving the accuracy and content of the abstract and poster. The student(s) should be first author(s) and the advisor’s name must appear as a co-author or in the Acknowledgments.

More information can be found at The head author should submit the abstract, and a student can submit only one abstract as the head author (an author cannot present more than one poster in the competition, though they can be a non-presenting team member on other projects). The abstract should be submitted online at the website. By submitting an abstract, you are committing to creating and presenting a poster, if selected. Accepted students must create a poster via a template, which will be provided. Further, the student(s) must present the poster at the Poster Competition. There is no cost to a student to submit an abstract or participate in the poster competition should they be selected.

Abstracts are due no later than Friday, September 8th at 5PM(CDT). All submissions will be reviewed and selections for participation made by AAS. Authors will be notified of acceptance soon after the deadline. A poster template (must be used), and further instructions along with a schedule will be provided to successful applicants.