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“In questions of science the authority of a thousand is not worth the humble reasoning of a single individual.” - Galileo Galilei

Why Atmospheric Science?

My interest in weather began when I was eight years old. During a nocturnal thunderstorm in Eastern Pennsylvania, a funnel cloud formed over my uncle’s SUV. While everyone else in the car was panicking, I was looking through the sunroof at the funnel cloud only by the light of the frequent lightning strikes in awe.  My interest in weather was solidified during the Blizzard of ’96, when 30.7 inches dropped in Philadelphia. The development as well as the historical significance of this storm captivated my interest in weather for life.

Current Work:

-Development of a gridded nighttime marine air temperature (NMAT) climate dataset

-Development of a gridded land air temperature blended with marine air temperature climate dataset

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