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Lightning, ATS509, HAMMA

This file will take a set of "test" HAMMA data and read it in. The returned structure will contain the header, the data in the file, and construct a array of times for plotting. The data is taken at a 1MHz sampling rate on a 16 bit ADC.

Note: this file will not work on a "real" HAMMA data file - this function works on "test" HAMMA data which contains a (highly) simplified header.

This is a working file intended for use with ATS509.


Use is relatively strightforward. Assuming file is a string variable with the file to be read in, then:

h = ess_read_test_hamma(file)
The number of HAMMA records in the file is found from:
print, N_ELEMENTS(h)
And you can plot the first record with:
PLOT, h[0].times, h[0].data, XTICKFORMAT='(F8.2)'

Author information


Phillip M. Bitzer, University of Alabama in Huntsville, pm.bitzer "AT" uah.edu


Modification History:

First written: Nov 15, 2012 Renamed to ess_read_test_hamma 20131104 PMB


top ess_read_test_hamma

result = ess_read_test_hamma(file)

This routine reads in a test HAMMA file, and returns an array of structures with the data in the file.

Return value

A structure with three fields:

hdr : a structure containing the header data in the file times : an array of times for the data data : the data


file in required type=scalar string

The HAMMA "test" file to be read in

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