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LMA, Lightning, ATS509

When working with LMA data, you might need to get the initation source of each flash in a time period. This function will parse given times and flash number arrays of a set of sources and return the indices that are the initiation sources.

This is a working file designed primarily for use with ATS509. Also see pmb_get_lma_initiation in the PMB library for more-commented code that explores the relevant section of the ATS509 notes.


Get some LMA data:

lma = ess_import_lma_flash()
And find the indices of the sources that are initiation sources:
initInd = ess_get_lma_initiation(lma.times, lma.flash_number)

Author information


Phillip M. Bitzer, University of Alabama in Huntsville, pm.bitzer "AT" uah.edu


Modification History:

First written: Oct 30, 2012 Changed variable naming convention 20131020 PMB


top ess_get_lma_initiation

result = ess_get_lma_initiation(times, flashNumber [, MinSources=integer])

Given an array of source times and the flash number each sources belongs to, find the initiation source for each flash.

Return value

An array of indices of the initiation sources


times in required type=numeric array

An array of the times of the sources

flashNumber in required type=numeric array

An array of the flash numbers


MinSources in optional type=integer default=1

The minimum number of sources to be considered for a flash

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