Importing the Coyote Library

Coyote and David Fanning have made an extensive library available for IDL users. It is available as a Subversion repository.

But, I've made the jump to Git, so I'd like to work (locally) with a Git repo. On top of that, the SVN plugin for the IDL Workbench is broken as of IDL 8.2.2 on a Mac. Git works fine, though.

The following steps will allow you to download and keep the Coyote library up to date using Git. In order to do this, you will need Git on your machine and the git-svn connector.

At the command line, go to the directory you wish to put the Coyote library. For me, that's
cd ~/Documents/IDLPro
Next, we initialize the local git repository:
git svn init coyote

(Note: You might see references to http:// in places instead of https:// - I found that http here gives me errors.)
This will create an (mostly) empty directory coyote in this location.

Change into this directory:
cd coyote
Now, fetch the library. This might take a while, so go enjoy a cup of coffee...
git svn fetch

You should see something like this:
Depending on the age of your code, you may want to also checkout the retired library. Follow the previous steps, but this time use
git svn init

If you use the workbench, you might want to add this (these) as a project(s).

When Coyote updates the library, you can update your local version easily. Make sure you're in the coyote (or coyote_retired) directory, and run:
git svn rebase