Applications :: Early Adopters

          • If you would like to apply to be an Early Adopter, please contact ¬† for an application.

            We would love to learn more about how your group uses satellite data to study or make decisions regarding tropical weather or climate.  TROPICS promotes an applications research program through an Early Adopter (EA) approach to provide understanding of TROPICS data products and how those products can be integrated and assimilated into end-user organizations' activities to improve decision making efforts.

            Who are Early Adopters?
            TROPICS EAs are defined as those groups and individuals who have a direct or clearly defined need for TROPICS data, who have an existing application, who have an interest in utilizing a proposed TROPICS product, and who are capable of applying their own resources (funding, personnel, facilities, etc.) to demonstrate the utility of TROPICS data for their particular system or model.

            What is the goal of the Early Adopter designation?
            The goal of the Early Adopter designation is to provide individuals and groups with the unique opportunity to demonstrate the utility of TROPICS data in their particular operational system or model before launch of the mission. Early Adopters commit to engage in pre-launch research, with specific support from the Mission and Applications Team, not only to accelerate the integration of TROPICS products after launch into their specific application, but to provide the Mission with valuable feedback on how TROPICS can be used for decision support.

            Characteristics of the EA program

            • The EA program is an unfunded activity formalized through an early data access agreement between the mission and the participating organization.
            • The EA will receive access to developmental products and interaction with the Applications Team and a relevant member of the Science Team to enable an increased understanding and integration of the new products into their systems.
            • The Science Team member will gain a partner who can evaluate products and offer feedback from a functionality perspective as well as potential calibration and validation information.
            • Products provided to the EA organizations will be derived from MiRaTA and MicroMAS-2 (previous SmallSat demonstration missions to collect information that will look like TROPICS), when available, and will exhibit similar format and functionality to the anticipated products from the mission.