1. The SWIRLL supports the operation, maintenance, fabrication, and enhancements of several mobile research platforms with multiple instruments, including:

  2. Advanced Radar for Meteorological and Operational Research (ARMOR) located at the Huntsville International Airport

  3. Mobile Integrated Profiling System (MIPS)

  4. Mobile Alabama X-band (MAX) dual polarization radar

  5. Mobile Meteorological Measurement Vehicle (M3V)

  6. Mobile Doppler Lidar and Sounding system (MoDLS) 

  7. Rapidly Deployable Atmospheric Profiling System (RaDAPS) under construction) [link to RaDAPS site] 

  8. Lightning Instrumentation Vehicle (LIV)

  9. Rocket City Ozone Quality Evaluation in the Troposphere (RO3QET) mobile laboratory [link to RO3QET web page]

  10. Miscellaneous assortment of other in situ instruments (electric field mill, electric field meters, disdrometers, meteorological sensors)