1. Infrastructure components of SWIRLL include the following:

  2. Research Operations Center
    with multiple workstations and a 3 x 3 monitor video wall.  This space can accommodate 20-25 personnel during research operations.

  3. High Bay used for maintenance and fabrication of comprehensive mobile platforms and other instruments

  4. Sounding Preparation Lab used for conventional meteorological balloon soundings and weekly ozonsondes

  5. Other laboratories to support ground-based remote sensing and in situ instrumentation development, maintenance, and data archival

  6. Class room with computers

  7. Five roof platforms that support instrument testing and data collection

  8. Conference Room

  9. Office space for staff and graduate students mezzanine

  10. Open lobbies and a third floor enclosed observatory that enhance outreach activities and serve as study areas for undergraduate and graduate students

  11. Direct link to the MIPS berm area south of the SWIRLL building