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Estimates of daily solar insolation from GOES-12 satellite data for the state of Florida are being produced for use by the United States Geological Survey (USGS) Florida Water Management Districts. Solar insolation is a needed component in the estimation of potential and reference evapotranspiration (PET and RET, respectively). These are critical variables for water management, both in hydrologic flow simulations and water allocation.

Because the network of ground-based instrumentation measuring solar radiation in Florida is sparse, and additionally, because there are variations in PET and RET calculation methodology used by the five Florida Water Management Districts, the use of satellite-estimated solar insolation will aid in the production of seamless and consistent estimations of these parameters over the state of Florida.

To ensure data quality, validation of the algorithms used to process the satellite-derived radiation data will be carried out using actual (ground-based) solar radiation measurements.

Latest and Archived Plots [From June 1, 1995]

Latest Insolation Plot

Noon Satellite Image



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