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You will find some useful information about the department and M.S. in ESS program in these pages.
The department.
Our department was ranked in the top ten by the Chronicle of Higher Education. More importantly, two of our former graduates have won the Presidential awards (PECASE) for early career scientists. Our graduates are scattered all over the country from national labs to Universities and private organizations. Our program is dedicated to providing a unique learning environment with hands-on relevant training in areas of importance to the country and the larger global community.

We have top notch computing and library resources coupled with laboratory and field experiment-based instruments. Check out our web pages. I am sure that you will be impressed.
M.S. in ESS.
There is a huge demand for professionals with skills in GIS and Remote Sensing with emphasis on studying earth-system and environmental problems. Our students continue to shine in conferences, meetings, workshops and in classroom. They take an active role in recruitment, conduct student-led workshops and work on projects that are meaningful to them and the community. This is the home of ESSA and the Green Club.

Climate and environmental issues are increasingly important in today’s society and there is a need for well-trained Master’s level students in these sciences. The M.S. in Earth System Science program provides interdisciplinary training and education to students interested in issues related to the environment and strengthens their capability to conduct research leading to transition of observational and numerical modeling products to public policy and decision making. This M.S. program specifically enables students to gain not only an understanding of the physics of the climate system and the environment but also a working hands-on knowledge of how data and information is used to aid decision makers.

Students who earn their B.S. in ESS (GIS track) at UAH will have the necessary course background to enter into the M.S. in ESS program.  Students in the BS in ESS (Human Dimensions - Societal Impacts) track should take Option 2 of their physics requirement, which includes PH 111/114 and PH 112/115.

Students who wish to pursue their M.S. in ESS at UAH and are from other disciplines sometimes do not have the appropriate math/physics background. Note that the M.S. in ESS strikes an appropriate balance between the quantitative skills (Math/Physics) and the practitioner skills (GIS, Decision Making courses).

The following courses are required for these students 
1) Calculus 1 and Calculus 2
2) Physics 1 and Physics 2
3) Introduction to Computer Programming (i.e., in any relevant language such as C)

UAH course description for Calculus 1 (MS 171) Limits, derivatives, applications of the derivative, definite and indefinite integrals, exponential and logarithmic functions, and inverse functions.

UAH course description for Physics 1 (PH 111) For science and engineering students. Basic laws of physics and their application to specific problems: vectors, Newtonian mechanics, energy, conservation laws, simple harmonic motion, statics, fluids.

UAH course description for Calculus 2 (MA 172) Techniques of integration, applications of the integral, polar coordinates, sequences, series, and conic sections. 

UAH course description for Physics 2 (PH 112) Continuation of PH 111. Heat and thermodynamics, basic electricity, electric and magnetic fields. Offered all terms.

UAH course description for Introduction to C Programming (CS 102)Introduction to program design and implementation in the C programming language, using hands-on programming assignments, class demonstrations and lectures. Problem analysis and some testing techniques. Basic program structure, and file organization.

Prerequisite may be waived by the instructor or department chair for auditors or students with equivalent experience.

Graduate Research Assistantships.
As funding resources allow, we offer GRAs to qualified students based on GRE scores, GPA, research interests and  a willingness to get involved in graduate education initiatives. Students who receive these GRAs are provided a full tuition waiver, a $22,800 stipend. It is important to note that not all students receive a GRA upon admission. Some come to the department and excel in their work and then earn a GRA . Several scenarios are possible.



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