Our Earth System Science Program is administered by the Department of Atmospheric Science



Atmospheric Science/Meteorology
GIS/Remote Sensing
Human Dimensions/Impacts
New curriculum starting fall 2014.
Students already underway in their Program of Study may elect to follow their original catalog or switch in entirety to this new curriculum. Please call 256-961-7877 to request an appointment with the department advisor.

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Primary Objectives:

The primary objectives of the Earth System Science program are:
1) to meet important national, regional and statewide needs for highly technically-educated professionals who understand the Earth as a system, and
2) to produce graduates who will be able to perform a variety of functions in research centers and industry centered in our impact on the Earth system.
Specifically, that means that students will be trained with
· the ability to deal quantitatively with real-world problems,
· the ability to integrate knowledge from multiple disciplines to scientifically address Earth system issues quantitatively, and
· the ability to work in interdisciplinary teams.
This curriculum offers maximum flexibility to students while meeting the requirements of a rigorous B.S. degree.


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