Instructions for Viewing Archived EPA AIRNOW Ozone Maps for Mississippi/Alabama
May 1, 2002 to the Present

1. Click the following link: After the new page appears, reduce the size of this window so that it is side by side with the new one. This allows you to read these instructions while working in the new page.

2. On the AIRNOW page click “Archives” to the right of the map of the US.

3. On the resulting page, select "Southeast" in the scroll-down menu above the map or click the light blue (Southeast) area of the US map.

4. On the resulting page, under "PLEASE SELECT", choose a month and year, a region to view, and a pollutant. Then click "See Map Archives".

5. On the resulting calendar, click on a day of the month. On the resulting page an animation will loop through hourly snapshots of the pollution concentrations for the day you selected.

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