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“Research into the history of land cover change and its role in the earth system.”

Who is Rob?

Dr. Robert Griffin is an environmental archaeologist and a remote sensing and GIS specialist.  He received his Ph.D. from Penn State in 2012, having received graduate support from a NASA GSRP fellowship and a research position through UAHuntsville’s Earth System Science Center.  Dr. Griffin has conducted fieldwork in areas across Central America, including Panama and Guatemala where his research has focused on the complex interactions between human societies (past and present) and their environments.  He has studied both the positive benefits and detrimental aspects of ancient human adaptations to changing climates, especially in the area of forest cover removal and regional climate feedbacks.  Dr. Griffin is currently working on computer simulations in efforts to link population growth to agricultural land use and deforestation.  His research relies heavily on GIS and Image Processing technology and satellite remote sensing, and he actively manages the GIS computing labs within the Atmospheric Science Department.  He has also teamed with researchers at NASA’s SERVIR Program to assist in integrating remote sensing and geospatial analyses into more effective decision-making for environmental management.  Dr. Griffin encourages and supports student research (undergraduate and graduate), mentors students, and teaches courses on GIS, remote sensing, and land cover change in the Department of Atmospheric Science.