501 Survey of Atmospheric Science - 3 hrs.
General survey of the field of atmospheric science. Quantitative examination of atmospheric physical properties including atmospheric composition, structure and dynamics. Detailed inspection of evolving atmospheric structures using real-time data systems. General topics include atmospheric thermodynamics, atmospheric dynamics, cloud physics, atmospheric radiation, and related topics in atmospheric remote sensing. Prerequisites: MA 172 and PH 112 or equivalent or consent of instructor. Fall

509 Applications of Computers in Meteorology - 3 hrs.
Survey of data types and languages commonly used in the meteorological community along with practical application to meteorology. Course is designed to prepare students for graduate work and research in atmospheric science. Prerequisites: MA172 and PH 112, or equivalent or permission of instructor. Lab fee $40. This course may not be used to meet minimum degree requirements. Fall

561 Atmospheric Radiation I - 3 hrs.
Fundamentals of terrestrial atmospheric radiation. Topics include: solar radiation at the top of the atmosphere, radiative transfer equation, gaseous absorption, scattering by molecules and particles, band models, transmittance along an inhomogeneous path, and microwave radiative transfer. Prerequisites: MA 238, PH 112 or equivalent or consent of instructor. Spring

761 Atmospheric Radiation II - 3 hrs.
Advanced topics in atmospheric radiative transfer. Specific topics include Maxwell equations, Mie theory, polarization and radiative transfer in a scattering atmosphere. Prerequisite: ATS 561.

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