June 6-9 , 2012

The lidar data from 6 to 9 June, ~38 hour, are shown together on this page. The MPR potential temperature retrievals (Courtesy of Dr. Kevin Knupp) suggests the tropopause folding occurs at ~1000 5 June, consistent with the GOES 6.5um upper tropospheric moisture distribution. The RAQMS model 42-hour forecast for 0600 7 June (Courtesy of Dr. Brad Pierce) reproduces the 4-km and >8km elevated ozone layers shown on the lidar curtain. The lidar observations suggest a new stratospheric transport at 2100 8 June, after the earlier 1000 5 June tropopause folding, which possibly results in the 1-km thick 100-ppbv ozone layer at 4.5km on the ozonesonde profile of 1746 9 June.

Range-corrected signal