Range-corrected signal

Similar as yesterday, the aerosols are still sinking based on the 291-nm extinction contour. This also can be seen clearly on the ceilometer curtain plot during 0:00-5:00 UTC, Aug. 7. Due to the measurable range limitation and the cloud interference, we can not see a clear aerosol activity during daytime on the ceilometer plot. However, both the 291-nm extinction retrieval and ceilomter backscatter reflect a aerosol enhancement in the boundary layer compared with Aug. 5. This suggests that the tropospheric aerosol has intruded boundary layer. We expect tomorrow's EPA surface aerosol AQI will become larger.


Yesterday's ozone layer at 5 km has gone due to mixing. The BL ozone is still low. The source of this transport does not include much ozone.

Ceilometer data source: http://vortex.nsstc.uah.edu/mips/data/current/ceilometer/