DIAL Daily Activity Log Telescope
Type: Ch5 Ch2 Ch1
Date: 1/31/2009   Time Zone: GMT-6 Primary Diameter 16'' 4'' 4''
Operator: Kuang   F/# 4.5 1 1
Sky condition clear         Field Stop 1.5 mrads 4.3mrads 4.3mrads
Laser power     before data acquisition
  HV (kV) Green(W) UV(mW) BBO Crystal   PMT EMI8931QA R7400U-03 R7400U-03
285 Laser:  1.55 69 289.056   Voltage 1850V 800V 800V
291 Laser 1.5   61 296.983   Serial # 49
Alignment Yes No
Add a ND1.0 filter to align ch5 at near-range.  Disc Level 8 8 8
ADC Range (mV) 500 500 500
Filter solar solar solar
Data Description                    
  Delay (us)* ND Filter
Time resolution(min) Ch1 Ch2-285 Ch2-291 Ch5 Ch1 Ch2 Ch5
12:42 2 0 190.5, 2 198.5, 2# 5, 16 NA NA NA
Purpose taking data
*The first value is the delay set on the pulse generator; the second one is the actual delay. 
#We set this delay using the time difference between the YAG trigger and outgoing UV laser trigger. 

The strong extinction between 1600 and 1700 is possibly due to water vapor.

Range-corrected signal

Ceilometer data (UTC time)


Ozone retrieval (10-min resolution)