Scientists and faculty at ARSC member institutions use their affiliation to actively task space assets to acquire research-grade imagery for applications as wide-ranging as forestry and agriculture, land-use change, urban studies, disaster response, and a range of other arenas. This research, on the cutting edge of hyperspectral space-borne imaging, enables our Alabama research scientists to conduct state-of-the-art research and development (R&D) projects.


Faculty at member institutions use the collaborative benefits of the ARSC to access opportunities for their students, who participate in ground-calibration and validation activities (cal/val) and use the data for instructional purposes in classroom and lab settings. The knowledge of how to conduct cal/val and process advanced remote sensing imagery sets our students apart from their counterparts when they enter the job market.


Open to all research universities in the State, our current partners include 3 of Alabama’s seven research universities, with faculty and researchers whose expertise includes agriculture, atmospheric science, Earth science, forestry, geography, and physics, among several others. Through the ARSC, our research institutions partner with Teledyne Brown Engineering to task and acquire remotely-sensed data acquired through their MUSES platform aboard the International Space Station.


The ARSC will have significant impact for the State of Alabama, furthering the competitive activities of our research faculty and staff, as well as through the workforce development that it brings to the educational classroom.


Shaping the future of applied remote sensing research and education by linking Alabama’s research universities with cutting-edge space assets “made in Alabama”


The ARSC facilitates research and education by enabling researchers to task advanced satellite remote sensing systems to aquire data over areas of interest and by linking the research institutions within the state to Teledyne Brown’s International Space Station (ISS) experts and assets.