Dr. Sundar A. Christopher is professor and chair of the Department of Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Alabama in Huntsville. He is also the Associate Director of the Earth System Science Center.





Huntsville Times Article in Research and Development Magazine titled : Pollution Sleuth - Sundar Christopher's aerosol detective work at UAH is attracting global attention...

UAH Atmospheric Science Program is now in the top ten in the nation based on faculty productivity index reported in the Chronicle of higher education.

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Graduate school can be an exciting, challenging time for students, but it can be scary and intimidating at the same time. Navigating Graduate School and Beyond: A Career Guide for Graduate Students and a Must Read for Every Advisor outlines the steps and skills necessary to succeed in graduate school and in your career. Dr. Christopher’s “insider tips” help students better understand their advisors, leading to more productive advisor/student relationships. Dr. Christopher details the importance of sowing well now with good habits and management techniques in order to reap big later.

This book is now available through AGU.

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