Student Resources

Resources for Graduate Students

1. Submitting a research paper. You may be required to submit research papers as part of your courses or projects. Click here for format for research papers. Use this as a guide for specific formatting issues.
2. Eloquent Science by David Schultz – a must read for every graduate student

3. Graduate Research Assistantship. Obtaining a graduate research assistantship is highly competitive. Once you receive a GRA and start on your research there are several guidelines to follow. The most important one is the fact that you are now a team member with your advisor as the boss. If you let your project slip then the whole team suffers. Here are the Myths and Facts. Most importantly - it is not a 9am to 5pm type of a job. It is the greatest opportunity to do research with your advisor and his/her team and getting paid for it! That means maximizing all available opportunities to learn the breadth and depth of research.

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